Site-Wide Optimization

What is “Site Wide” Search Engine Optimization?

• Technology Issues
• Indexing Issues
• Redirect Issues
• Usability Issues
• Structural Issues

Site wide search engine optimization focuses on discovering and addressing technical problems that hinder search engines from indexing the content on your site.

Search engines are unable to index Flash, Java Script and AJAX, and special steps must be taken to insure that web elements using these technologies do not prevent search engines from indexing other content on your pages. This needs to be addressed using special optimization techniques as well as considering alternate technology and employing specialized coding solutions.

Usability issues can include site structure and server speed. Server response times have been shown to have an effect on Google’s page rank algorithm. Google’s Page Speed Test offers a number of valuable insights into improving page performance including: image size optimization, Java script code optimization, CSS optimization and coding optimization.

Clear navigation and site structure are also important for search engine spiders to index the depth of content and understand its relevance. Alignment of categories and sub-categories with content, clean code, linking, and landing page strategies are important elements of search engine optimization.

By eliminating impediments to search engine indexing and conforming optimized content to a clear silo structure, North Rim Consulting is able to maximize the organic search potential of your web site.

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