Off-Page SEO

What is Off Page SEO?

Off page Search Engine Optimization is the process of aligning link connectivity with keyword focus. Once search engines are able to index the content on a site, our attention turns to link acquisition. External links have a dominant influence on search engine ranking algorithms, so having an effective content marketing strategy to gain quality inbound links to your site’s web pages in support of your targeted keyword phrases is essential to any successful SEO effort.

Getting those links naturally is the most difficult and time-consuming aspect of SEO. Development of engaging media is fundamental to this process–no amount of optimization can compel others to share your content, only relevance and quality can. Put simply, if the content is not good enough to attract quality, natural links, it doesn’t matter how “optimized” it is.

What goes into a Link Building Strategy?

• Link Baseline Report
• Evaluating the Value of Links
• Directory Submissions
• Link Recovery
• Link To Us Page

A link baseline report is an important starting point for your link acquisition campaign. It allows you to understand your current state (in the case of an existing website), evaluate the effect of your efforts over time, and measure your success by understanding new link acquisition (what worked). Evaluating link quality based on criteria such as page rank, relevance, age of the domain the link is on, number of outbound links on the page and acquisition difficulty helps you to prioritize opportunities and understand their value.

Do links from online professional directories help my search ranking?

Online directory links are often considered the low hanging fruit of link acquisition, but there are ways to assess their quality and determine if they will have a positive impact on your organic search results. Directory links are considered valuable if they have been reviewed and classified by an administrator. General directories like Yahoo,, and Best of the Web are good examples of high quality Internet directories. In general, when there is little or no value in the editorial discretion of the acceptance process, the directory becomes less reliable as a source of categorization and therefore less valuable as an inbound link. Link exchanges also provide a valuable form of link development if they represent a valid business relationship (i.e. they provide value to users and therefore provide value to search engines). They also make good business sense outside of an SEO context.

What does link recovery mean?

Link recovery is necessary when you move or eliminate pages from your site that have inbound links. It is the process of redirecting inbound links using a 301 redirect command allowing the link “juice” that those links carry to be redirected to a new page within your site rather than an error message (404) page where it is no longer relevant or counted.

Leverage your natural link acquisition

Creating a “link to us” page (linked to from the footer of the site) gives webmasters and bloggers digital assets to promote pages from your site in the form of pre-formatted anchor text, images, videos, PDFs and any other relevant media. This page has html code embed options that allow other sites to create links to pages on your site that are keyword focused, by copying and pasting the existing text.

North Rim Consulting helps you develop and track inbound links–the most critical component of your web pages’ search engine ranking.

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