Organic Search Engine Marketing

Optimizing your Web site involves a combination of copy writing and content development, technical and design considerations, link building strategies and relevant, trustworthy analysis of your results so that you can make changes with confidence. Increasing your site’s performance in organic search results requires creativity, a proven methodology, persistence and adaptability. 

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the internal and external factors influencing your Web site’s ranking in organic search results and is the cornerstone of a successful Internet marketing campaign. The objective of search engine optimization is to increase your Web site’s traffic and conversion rate by improving your position in the search results for the keyword phrases you have chosen to target. The purpose of optimizing your site is to make your content rank higher by being more relevant to the search queries of your audience than that of your competition.

Your priority must be to create web pages capable of achieving conversion goals and high rankings in organic search results–They need to satisfy both your target audience and the search engines. In order to do this, your site must have clear navigation with engaging content relevant to the needs of your niche market that is easy to consume and is organized in a consistent and user-friendly manner.

What is the process of optimizing my Web site for organic search?

1. Keyword Research & Content Development
2. Site Design & Technology Considerations
3. Link Building
4. Analysis & Adjustment

Whether you are designing a new Web site or re-working an existing site, successful Search Engine Optimization must begin with a clear understanding of your business objectives — What is the purpose of having my Web site? What do I need my site to accomplish for my business? Once you understand the function of your Web site in terms of conversion goals, the next step is to clarify your niche target market through keyword and competitive research–an ongoing SEO process. This leads to informed decision making about your content development and site design, including platform and technology choices.

How can North Rim Consulting help grow my business through organic search engine marketing?

North Rim Consulting helps you with:

• Google Places and optimizing for local search
keyword research
on-page optimization and SEO copywriting
• competitive research
• link building
site-wide SEO

North Rim Consulting works with you to demystify the Search Engine Optimization process and expand your Web presence with a clear strategy aimed at increasing the quality and quantity of the traffic your business receives. Through a comprehensive approach encompassing keyword and competitive research, technology considerations, the fluid nature of search engine algorithms — including the growing importance of local search — and your business objectives, North Rim Consulting is able to maximize the organic search potential of your business’ Web presence and resonate the voice of your business throughout your online network.

Contact North Rim Consulting today to set up a free consultation to discuss how your Web site can benefit from search engine optimization.