Web Analytics

Did That Work?

Essential to every effective business strategy is your ability to accurately track and intelligently evaluate your results. Google Analytics is the most widely used web analytics solution available with almost two million websites (56% market-share) running the software and over 400,000 of the top one million most-visited sites on the Internet. It offers tremendous flexibility as it tracks site visitors, referring sites, search engine traffic and site activity.

What can Google Analytics do for me?

“If you can not measure it, you can not improve it”Lord Kelvin

Google Analytics is an effective tool for evaluating your online marketing efforts and generating reports that allow you to make data-driven decisions about your business. This means that you can judge the effectiveness of keyword phrases and campaigns, identify and test communication methods with your niche market, illuminate trends, fail quickly, and become more adaptive. When customized to capture the metrics critical to understanding your business’ web presence, you get reporting that goes beyond raw numbers and answers important questions. Google Analytics helps you to grow your business by strengthening your marketing initiatives and improving conversion rates on your website.

Having Google Analytics configured to capture the metrics that are relevant to your business is a crucial first step, but you also need to understand what this data is telling you–the actionable insights that it contains. In order to leverage this promise of insight, you must ask the right questions and have clear conversion goals before using Google Analytics to get the answers you need to make the best decisions for your business.

• Are users finding what they are looking for on my website?
• What are my conversion goals?
• Are my online marketing efforts a waste of time and money?

North Rim Consulting configures advanced segmentation and customized reports that allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts and gauge the return on your investment in them. You get intelligent analysis of data that provides meaningful insight into your business practice.

North Rim Consulting provides:

  • Best-practice implementation and configuration of Google Analytics tracking code on existing website(s)
  • Advanced configuration–create traffic segmentation, set-up and track meaningful conversion goals, develop understanding of funnels, customize detailed reporting features based on desired metrics
  • Dashboard and emailed report setup
  • Optimization of website performance based on intelligent analysis of data. This includes recognizing problem points, discovering new opportunities, evaluating conversion goals and developing key performance indicators
  • A plan for monitoring, interpreting and acting on the most relevant information for your business

Google Analytics supplies powerful tools to study your online presence in order to improve it. The tools are free, but they require time and intelligence to craft raw data into actionable insight. By providing this insight through an integral approach to online brand identity, North Rim Consulting delivers you dynamic guidance in evaluating your Internet marketing efforts.

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