Email Marketing


What should I put in my Newsletter? How will I know if anyone reads it?

Permission-based email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to you for developing and nurturing relationships with prospective and existing clients. Connecting with people on a regular basis who have expressed interest in your business and providing them value with helpful content is a proven way to establish your expertise and generate business. It requires consistent effort and patience, as well as compelling, timely content to build a contact list of people who want to receive your newsletter. You need to build an effective list organically by asking for email addresses at every business touch point and then delivering content that answers questions and solves problems. Using a sound approach, your list will grow over time with people genuinely interested in your business.

Measurable Results

Web-based email marketing solutions like Constant Contact enable you to measure the response of each newsletter you send–you are able to see who opened the email, who clicked through to your links and which links they clicked on. You can also track new subscribers, people who unsubscribe, bounces and spam complaints. This information helps you measure your success and improve your results as your marketing efforts continue and expand. By understanding the response to your content, you are able to adapt your newsletter to add value for your subscribers in the future.

List Management

North Rim Consulting recommends a web-based email marketing solution like Constant Contact to host your subscriber list. They automatically handle important list management functions such as: a signup widget for your web site to add subscribers, allowing subscribers to edit their profile information, and the ability to unsubscribe (it is required by law to process an unsubscribe request within 10 days).

Compliance Issues

Another important part of email marketing is understanding legal compliance and technology dealing with the elimination of SPAM. By outsourcing email delivery and list management to a reputable email marketing company, you are able to stay on top of new technologies employed by ISPs to eliminate SPAM that require changes in both how you send email, and what you send. As you develop email marketing as a means to communicate with prospective and existing customers, it is important to follow the law, and keep your email practices current with changing standards.

The power of permission-based email marketing helps you build relationships with prospective and current clients, and convert web site visitors into new and repeat business. North Rim Consulting helps you develop compelling content for your newsletter, understand and adapt to your results, manage and grow your contact list, and integrate this important component into a larger Internet Marketing strategy.


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