Bold ideas. Clear intention. Focus.

The written and spoken words that make up your online presence are the substance of all your Internet marketing efforts. In order to motivate people to take a specified action or enhance your credibility, both with prospective clients and search engines through link building, you must have compelling content that resonates with your audience by satisfying the needs and/or desires that brought them to you. This requires a lucid understanding of what you are offering and how it aligns with what your niche market is seeking. Regardless of the importance you place on achieving high search engine rankings, all of your Internet marketing must be relevant, consistent and have a clear intention.

If top organic search rankings our your goal, keyword research and on-page optimization are important factors in getting your web pages to rank well for your targeted keyword phrases. However, the biggest determining factor of the relevance and quality of your content (rank) is which domains link to it and what words (anchor text) they use to describe it. Links, bookmarks, tweets and likes from blogs and social media platforms have a growing influence on the credibility of your site. This means that the creation of content that your audience shares and promotes has a dominant impact on your organic search results as well as a positive effect on people already aware of what you are offering.

What makes content compelling?

Compelling means that something is valuable to the person that consumes it–so valuable that they share it with other people who will benefit from it. It goes beyond viral media that is either funny or cute. For a business seeking to establish their expertise, content that answers questions and solves problems for prospective clients is immediately valuable regardless of how small and disperse their niche market is. On the web, no expertise is too obscure to be searched for and no value is too unusual to be appreciated.

No matter what business you are in or what the purpose of your web site is, it is critical that your content stays focused on your unique offer of value and has a clear call to action. It begins with a strong idea and immediately focuses on the benefit to your reader/listener/viewer. You must promise them a benefit that you then fulfill in return for the time it takes to read/listen to/view what you are offering. Your style and flow needs to reflect your intended audience, and all of your content must be written with the consistent and authentic voice of your business. Whether you are talking about a product, an experience or an idea, compelling content needs to focus on your audience and be bold.

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