Content Development


Creating A Vibrant Online Presence.

Unique, high quality content satisfies both your prospective clients and the search engines, so content development has a critical role to play in any holistic Internet marketing plan.

Web content development involves researching, writing, producing, and editing information published on web sites. It is the creation of prose, images, audio recordings, videos, eBooks, or any other digital asset distributed and viewed through a web browser. North Rim Consulting partners with you to create:

• web pages and blogs
• online articles and newsletters
• press releases
• white papers and reports
• eBooks
• videos and online presentations
• podcasts and web conferences


The Importance of Search Engine Optimized Copy Writing

It is estimated that up to 80% of what determines your sites’ position on a search engine results page comes from off-page elements (the quality and number of inbound links, age of domain, etc.). If this is true, then why is SEO copy writing so important for your web site?

The purpose of your site is to convert the traffic that it receives. Traffic comes from a variety of sources in addition to search engines: social media, newsletters, inbound links, pay-per-click advertising, off-line marketing, word of mouth, etc. Conversion means different things on different sites, but all content needs to have a clear call to action. Even if your web site never sees any traffic from a search engine, it is critical that it is written and presented in a way that resonates with people in your niche market regardless of how they get there. Clear on-page optimization and strong, well-researched SEO copy writing leads to a higher conversion rate. Traffic alone has no value if your web site fails to convert it.

Producing Engaging Media

The popularity of podcasts, videos and multi-media presentations as a means of marketing on the web has skyrocketed as high speed access to the Internet has expanded. The tools for you to create professional quality media are inexpensive and widely available–the knowledge and skill you need to use these tools to capture and structure your elements into optimized, engaging content is essential but often lacking. Creating effective media is a resource intensive process requiring you to manage multiple areas of expertise.

How North Rim Consulting Can Help?

Compelling SEO copy writing is well researched, written persuasively, and is optimized to be easily understood by interested people and indexed by search engines. Search engines gather information about all of the content available on your web site–therefore all of your content needs to be optimized. North Rim Consulting helps to ensure that every piece of content you generate is capable of yielding you the biggest organic search boost possible.

North Rim Consulting writes, edits and produces compelling content that attracts links, is succinct, engaging and optimized for search engines using targeted language to convey information in a way that resonates with your niche audience. This creates a vibrant online presence which translates into higher conversion rates and a better position in organic search rankings.


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