Jon McBride

Jon McBride-North Rim Consulting

North Rim Consulting works with small to medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations developing digital strategy incorporating competitive research, content development, email marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising and web analytics.

North Rim Consulting is owned and operated by Jon McBride. He brings experience, vision and humor to the challenge of crafting compelling means to advocate sustainable technologies and positive, inspiring, radically hopeful visions of the future. Jon has been a trusted voice to business owners and creative professionals for more than 15 years, including three years as the Operations Manager for a multi-million dollar IT consulting company and twelve years working in the entertainment industry with responsibilities in production, project management, marketing strategy, and web development. He brings a broad understanding of technology and a strong commitment to ethical business practices. Combined with a patient and enthusiastic approach to sharing knowledge, this makes him an indispensable resource for forward thinking organizations seeking to expand their reach and effectiveness communicating on the web

North Rim Consulting can also recommend and manage an experienced team of outsourced PR people, audio and video production professionals, network engineers, database administrators, web and application developers, and graphic designers.

North Rim Consulting promises:

Clarity. Reducing a complex, meaningful idea to its essence requires discipline, patience and enthusiasm.
Empathy and Insight. Listen, respect, and bring awareness to the perspectives of all stakeholders.
Flexibility and Adaptability. Keep an eye on the big picture despite constraints and challenges. Accept change willingly.
Integrity. Honesty, ethics and compassion.
Organization. Phase by phase, email by email, presentation by presentation, file by file. Tracking, transparency and documentation matter.
Passion. Passion fuels excellence and inspires engagement.
Process Focus. A disciplined process is necessary to foster collaboration, build trust, and ensure informed decision-making.
Strategic Imagination. Understand and align business objectives with innovative marketing ideas.